Premium Central Otago summer fruit producer – “Where fruit just tastes better”

At Moorpark and Mulberry Orchard we work hard all year round – to have premium summer fruit you need to care for your fruit trees all year. Healthy trees produce healthy fruit. We want our customers to only experience the best.

The deliciousness of our fruit is achieved because we have:

  • Special heritage varieties of fruit that are rarely found at other orchards.
  • A pristine and unique growing environment … the special and unrelenting extremes of the Central Otago seasons plays an important role...
  • Pure aquifer water sourced from deep under our orchard property provides all our orchard irrigation
  • Low (and for some varieties) no sprays; we have phased out the use of glyphosate (round-up)
  • Keeping fruit on the trees longer – allowing the natural and sugars to develop
  • And, importantly … “key people” who work extremely hard and believe in our aims and philosophy